Lost loosing weight :p

Hi Diary,

I am quite tired today. It’s kinda obvious for a person who isn’t habitual of any exertion and then starts workout. When I say no exertion, I mean literally NO exertion.

I am trying to change myself for the better. Yeah I am physically unhealthy. I checked my weight in the morning, it read 109.8 kgs (yupp I am huge). I was kinda ashamed of my body shape for quite a while and so started avoiding meeting people, missing parties, etc but one thing I never did was the try to change for better. I am happy I am doing it now. 

Do you know almost every person know his or her flaws, just that we like not focusing on it as that will bring us out of our comfort zones. And we very much hate those people who point us out. It goes for each flaw some of which are changeable and some are not. I am the lucky one as mine is changeable 🙂

I knew I will start working on myself from today but yesterday evening my little brother ( just an year younger….we are like twins and trust me I hate him…siblings are irritating and I don’t know why I still love him) told me in simple words…. ” YOU MUST TRY. WHY DO YOU HATE GYM. TELL ME ONE THING WHO WILL YOU RESPECT MORE- A GIRL WHO IS FAT OR A GIRL WHO IS HITTING THE GYM TO TRY AND BE BETTER”.

Its damn true….no matter how positive you are but no one likes to discuss their flaws. Everyone wants them hidden in a closet never to be opened. But I am finally gathering the guts to open the closet and see what can I do to make it clean.

So I hit the gym in the morning. Not that bad. Did 300 calories over there and came back home. Did nothing too happening in the day. Watched a movie, cleared my mails and ate just normal. No change for now. I will certainly be needing a better diet but because I know myself too well, I wanna be regular for 5 days first and then make changes in my diet to a more healthy one. In evening, I went swimming. I swim like a kid splashing too much water ( yes my heavyweight to be blamed too :p) but then I will be in constant touch with trainers and will swim like a fish soon ( yehhh atleast I think so). 

I am almost satisfied with my day except the biscuits I had in my day but I will try and switch over to salads and stuff soon.

I am overly glad that thank god I am a vegetarian. I just wonder if I loved non-veg too, I would have been 20 kg plus then what I am right now :p 

That’s all for the day. I will just sleep in a while now. Gotta go to the gym in morning ( which I don’t really wan’t but I will).

Have a great night. 🙂

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