My Sweet 16

 This has been, by far, the best birthday I’ve ever had. The party last night was amazing. And it just showed as a reminder that I have been blessed with the greatest friends you could ever have. They’re all so perfect in their own ways and I don’t know what I would do without them. 

It was a fairy tale themed Murder Mystery party and it was so much fun- holy shit. I played Rapunzel. Jack played the Big Bad Wolf (his hair looked so hot…good Lord. He thought he looked ridiculous- but we all did. That’s what made it fun xD). I had the best time….my friends all played along. And it was great. Hansel (from Hansel and Gretel xD) was in love with my character. So he kind of proposed to me…..which was awkward but cute? I guess? Idk. 

But anyways. It was the best birthday ever and I’ll never, ever forget it for the rest of my life. <3

P.s. Jack really did look hot. I hate that I’m having to miss seeing him this morning. (Did you wear the blue shirt??) I’ll see you tonight, Baby xxx

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