Sometimes I need you
just to show me that love is still pure and true
I don’t expect our story to be just another running cliché
I bet each of us have different strategies to play

Sometimes I need my solitude
although they tell me it’s no good
How will I ever get to know you?
If you have no respect for my privacy, then there isn’t much I want to do

They can say I’m crazy
but they just don’t want to see
It’s not that simple
There’s this real fear for any potential troubles:

How do I know that you’re safe enough for me?
I may not be anyone’s ideal beauty,
but I believe that I am worthy
How will I know you won’t clip my wings and treat me like a property?

Sometimes I’m afraid
I’m not going to lie to you; my thoughts are dark and full of dread
Will you put up with the darkest side of me
or will you run off for your life and sanity?

Sometimes I do
Sometimes I don’t
Sometimes I do what you won’t
and I believe it’s vice versa too

Can we be more than just ‘sometimes’
or am I expecting way too much?



(Jakarta, 31/5/2016 – 7:35 pm)

2 thoughts on ““SOMETIMES…THIS IS HOW I AM””

  1. I like your poem. You are a good writer. A writer at heart. In your relationships just be sure the other will respect your need to be alone to write and think sometimes. Best of luck!

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