Day 101

Monday, June 6th 2016

Aaaand, I forgot to write yesterday’s entry once again! I guess I can let is slip, though, because a lot happened during that day and I was tired by the end of it. Plus, I was occupied with watching Spirited Away. I’ll write it after this one.

By the way, the 100th day I used goodnightjournal! Never thought I’d get this far with a journal. 265 more days to go for a year, haha.

So today was a very productive—well, semi-productive in my opinion—day. It was an off day and usually off days for Monday, I spend time doing all my homework and studying. It’s very fulfilling when I do it, though.

I spent a lot of the morning watching the rest of Spirited Away and then its theory by TheAnimeMan (the reason why I watched it in the first place and because of that I knew there was a hidden message in the movie while watching it, but I laughed after watching the theory and realized what I watched was about).

After that, I went on to relearning how to use Adobe Flash so I could start on my animation advertisement for our English project. I didn’t do much for it, that’s why I said semi. I spent maybe 2-3 hours on it? I think the reason why it took so long to only do a small part of it, is because I didn’t remember how to use the program and had to watch tutorials (DrawWithJazza is amazing), but now I remember so I’m pretty sure I can complete everything for the presentations, but I do need a voice over. I have to complete it in time for Thursday, that way my teammate can do a quick voice over. I hope she does do it and not like what my teammates did last time (they forgot to do their part), or that she is at least absent for Thursday, that way I have for time and I can send her an email asking her to voice over and if she doesn’t, do it myself (oh no, please no, my voice is deep for a girl and when I speak English, my Quebecois accent makes my pronunciation weird).
   I’ve been doing most of our work myself and I was angry about it, but then I saw she missed so many classes for I don’t know what reason, that she has French every day instead of every two days, so it’s less things off her shoulder, I guess. Plus when it comes to work, I can handle the stress mentally and get the work done on time, or at least the day after and hope my teachers understand. Most of them understand, except my English one isn’t to keen on things like that. She lets papers and such slip now and then, but if it’s a presentation, she makes you do it no matter what.

Other than that, I played some Minecraft to relax, finished To Kill a Mockingbird (good book, was disappointed there wasn’t more of Arthur (Boo) Radley, though), finished the questions and summary for it and yeah. The only work I have now is my math revision and my English animation.

I’m gonna go find another anime to watch, or anything to watch really.

That’s all for today.

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