Don’t tell them how you feel.

Wait a minute…I thought that life was too short to not tell someone how you feel about them. I was wrong. Just stop, stop before it’s too late. Don’t tell them. Hold it in, it hurts too bad. You’ll embarrass yourself. When I thought hard about it I felt I was supposed to tell him. Little did I know it would be this big mistake. I just made it worse and I don’t even know if we can be friends anymore. I don’t think I will be able to face him. He still wants to hang out, but it will just be awkward and sad. The only good that came if this was I did realize that I don’t like Gunnar, I love Chris and because he’s gone I have been feeling lonely. I felt like I liked Gunnar when we’ve only been talking for a little and only because of the attention I was getting from him. I hate myself for thinking I could ever like anyone else when I know for a fact that I belong with Chris. We belong together, he is literally my other half. It’s hard without him, but I have waited a year. I can wait another.

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