My stance on expectations has never changed. Well at least until now. For years I’ve always said that I don’t have expectations for anyone because having expectations always leads to being let down. This is true no matter how you look at it. All I ask is for consistency, but there’s a letdown in that as well. 

See, I let people set their own paths. Whatever you do upon meeting me is what I’d most likely expect for you to do from then on out. You set the pace. Ima just roll with it. But the minute you decide to change, especially without a fair notice or warning, I’m going to feel some type of way about it. 

I wish ppl would “man up”. I just get tired of the same bullshit day in and day out. I make myself vulnerable then have to box myself back up and move forward. I hate moving…this includes my feelings. I hate being smacked in the face only to take it, be the better person, and walk away. Clearly I was built Ford tough, but who wants to weather the storm every fucking time??? I don’t. And I’m tired. 


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