First Timer…

I’ve been watching ‘Awkward’ for a couple of days now and Jenna inspired me to search for online journals. Hopefully this will be fun and help me express how I’m feeling about certain things since my friends think I hold everything in… which they are right about but who cares… I do what I please 🙂 BUT I do know it is unhealthy for me to do, therefore here I am on this online journal, taking little steps with expressing my feelings. Tired from work, off to sleep. Goodnight to whoever see’s this.


3 thoughts on “First Timer…”

  1. It’s nice to know I am not the only new one. Although I ended up on here to rant, I am also taking baby steps to expressing my self. Hope we can be friends 🙂

  2. What fun…I’ve not seen awkward and I am much older than most of you…have been journaling since way before online existed. However I like the sense of community here. About 20 years ago before online journals and blogs and all of this and that and that and this…became so popular there were 8 or 10 folks who wrote online journals mainly just chronicling their lives and they were so open back then with photos and such . Anyhow I got hooked on them and then as they slowly went away I felt I’d lost friends. Well enough…welcome gals.

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