So today I went to the gym with my sister-in-law (she lives in San Diego). We both decided to buy a package of partner training sessions. So we went in today and for weighed and shit like that. Then after 40 minutes of chatting he said why don’t you both do a workout. I died a bit inside!!!

Our workout consisted of doing 10 minutes on the stair master, which was bloody painful by the way. In the 10 minutes I apparently walked up about 15 flights of stairs. He then said go do 30 minutes of leg weights. This was uber painful because we would have to do 3 sets of ten weight things on like 5 different stations. At this point my legs felt like jelly. He then said do 10 minutes on the treadmill with the incline of about 9/10 at the speed 3.5. The treadmill seemed fine because it was like a cooling down period but I sweated like a pig. 

After our workout I think it is safe to say that we feel our lower body has collapsed and walking was a struggle. I know that tomorrow morning I will not be able to walk and I will be so sore I think I might cry. The worst thing is that tomorrow is upper body workout so we will be in two amounts of pain. However, I do feel better because I know I hate working out and most people do but after you feel so heathy and that you are doing your body good. So bring on the beach body!!!!!

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