14th (Race for Home)

Well, day one of the three day trial was really promising. I think I’m finding my place, finding my home in GHI.

Second day, today? Already off to a terrible start. Frustration and embarrassment, a potent combination.

Half of which came from GHI.

I hope to god this day turns out better. Maybe once I see my friends it’ll work out in the end. They’re always there for me.

Also, I’ve noticed I’ve completely forgotten to do the whole song playlist thing!

I’ll try to catch us up. 

5. Bulletproof – La Roux

6. Centuries – FallOutBoy

7. Live for the Night – Krewella

8. One Minute – Krewella

9. Alive – Krewella

That’ll do for now! See ya!

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