Having a tough time keeping motivated. I got started ok at work today but now I’m just going through the motions doing a lot of nothing. It takes so much effort to do anything. On top of that I’m staying late today for a company event. One would try to take advantage of the extra time, but I’m just not interested in doing that. Let me list the things that are floating around in my grey matter:

TA exam on Monday

Kids home alone this afternoon

S’s pending special ed evaluation

Friend’s confirmation on Sunday

Tri on 6/11 – and not ready for the swim

Dad’s 80th birthday and father’s day and D’s birthday and H’s 50th birthday – all in the 2nd half of June.

My friend’s sister’s death – I need to contact her

2 thoughts on “68”

  1. Sweetie…no wonder you can’t concentrate! Geez. So much to do and deal with and of course most of it is tending to others as we women do. Anyhow I hope your afternoon passes quickly. Bummer having to stay for the event. Well unless you’re getting overtime pay then woo/hoo! LOL

  2. Thanks Hoosier – your comments always make me smile! I appreciate them. Sorry I haven’t been around much. I’ve barely any time these days to read my fave authors! Hope you are well! ~Peace

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