Cowspiracy & Why I’m So Angry

Hey guys!

So its been a couple days since we chatted..  Mike and I watched Cowspiracy last night!! Best thing ever to watch to go vegan if you truly care about the environment! I will have some images with some facts from this show & you can watch it on Netflix.Documentary-Cowspiracy-the-Sustainability-Secret-Howard-Lyman

Anyway, after watching that, our eyes are so open and honestly, we’re scared. Our world is literally being destroyed right from under our feet and everyone is being so completely blind to it!! I’ll be completely honest.. when I first looked into veganism, it was strictly for my health. I was sick for so long and overweight for so long! I was 200 pounds from the age of 10 to 16 and then I lost 40 pounds for about 2 years and then I slowly started gaining that 40 pounds back plus 15 more. My heaviest weight was 215 pounds and that was just back in April. I got sick & lost those 15 pounds in a matter of a few days. Then I joined It Works Global (as a distributor) hoping that these all natural, non-gmo, mostly vegan supplements and wraps would help me to lose weight! I would say this definitely helped me to lose an additional 10 pounds, however, these last few pounds have been just because of going vegan! The fat is just shedding off of me, its amazing! Like I said, I’ve been overweight pretty much since I hit puberty and I do blame that on the high percentage of hormones and steroids in chicken & dairy products!! Now, I’m not saying they were the main cause, I partly blame my parents as well, they served me a lot of fast food options, a lot of high fat, low carb food, but they didn’t know. It’s hard to say that I blame my parents but they never took the time to do their own research about our health.  

It frustrates me that people don’t want to look into what they’re eating for their health. Instead of listening to a bunch of doctors and people who believe meat is good for us, start doing some of our own research, I promise you, you will be SHOCKED by what you find. I will provide some links as to why humans should not consume dairy, its an eye opener.the-difference

Well I guess that’s all for now.. I will blog when we watch Forks Over Knives as well, which I encourage everyone to watch because it talks about our health & why a plant-based diet is the ultimate diet to follow. Its funny, because this is not a diet to me, this is a lifestyle, and being vegan is a lifestyle! There is no vegan diet.. it is simply a plant-based diet. If you want to be called vegan, here is the definition: 

Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.


Starting Weight: 197
Current Weight: 187
Goal Weight: 140

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