Good luck to all of the Chinese students taking The National College Entrance Examination in China as I write.

There are some 9.4 million high school seniors taking the Examination this year. Let that sink in: 9.4 MILLION. 9.4 million people are taking the same exams on one day (from 9:00 AM today to tomorrow, and, in some places, until the day after). Obviously, there are different exams for people with different majors–Physics A and Physics B, for example–and there are differences among the exams given in different provinces, but really.

9.4 million people.

How many people are there in your town? Your city? Your state? Or even your country? Tens of thousands? Hundred thousands? Maybe even a million, if you’re living somewhere really, really crowded?

Because I feel fairly certain that nothing involving 9.4 million people has ever happened in your country at a single time.

Certainly not something that consisted merely of several College Entrance Exams.

I mean, the NCEE is really stressful. It’s R E A L L Y stressful. Some people probably can’t even fathom how stressful it is, when you have to spend three years of high school preparing for this one be-all-end-all test, where a single lost point could mean the denial of your entry into the college of your dreams. Seriously. If you’re a 文科生, you have to take English, math, Chinese, history, politics, and geography. If you’re a 理科生, you must take English, math, Chinese, physics (of the branch of your choice), chemistry (also a branch of your choice, I think) and biology. Basically, in high school, you have to decide whether you’re going to be good at math/science stuff, or languages/literature stuff. And your choice in turn decides which majors you can learn in university. It seems kind of unfair, that if you like physics but are really bad at chemistry you might have to turn to literature, but that’s life for you. Most of my old classmates (girls) plan on learning literature–except for that one really ambitious friend I had who sort of hated girls (don’t judge her, she was a really cool person–just kind of confrontational) who was adamant about her decision to learn math and such things well.

Personally, I’m conflicted, though. If I had to stay in China for high school, I would obviously pick literature, because I’m crap at chemistry and physics and biology, and I’m not that great at Chinese math, even though I like it. But then again, I hate history and politics, so…Anyway, glad I’m not staying here for that. I plan on being a Chinese-English/English-Chinese translator or intrepreter, which has to do with what I love (languages!) and not what I dislike (history, boooo). It would be awesome if I could continue to learn math, though, because I really like it, I just find it kind of difficult–and also very rewarding to learn. Calculus is super hard for me now, but hopefully, if I learn it well enough, I’ll struggle less when I’m in college. I like learning physics, too, but it’s harder for me, even harder than math, mostly because I’ve never learned it well, which is in turn because I loathed my first physics teacher (8th grade man with tiny eyes and bad teeth and anger management issues) and didn’t put much effort into his classes. Which was immature of me, of course, so I’m regretting it now…

Anyhoo. Wow, writing this has taken me an hour or so because the site keeps acting weird and deleting things…funny. I switched a browser and now I’m fine.

I tried watching some movies yesterday, but…oh wait, I’m going to write about it tomorrow or soon. Not now. Sometimes I just can’t think of what to say, so I feel like I have to resort to writing down some crazy bizarre dreams (I have a lot of them). Also, my paper diary is running out of pages, and I don’t have a new one in stock, so I have to use it sparingly because I don’t want to resort to just writing on lined paper (I only like writing my ~feelings~ in pretty notebooks).

Have a good Tuesday, and stay chill.

And remember to wish all the students taking exams, good luck!!

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