Last time

I miss my ex more and more especially when my current boyfriend is long distance. I think he was the one guy I really fell in love with first that its hard for me to take him out of my life completely. Today he contacted me again telling me how he felt and how hes felt about me and that he want to see me. I have been strong lately and denied him each time but now that I know I am leaving soon and moving away, I want to see him. I want to fuck him and I want to feel that feeling we get when we are around each other. The thing is I want to do it for the last time. He has no clue I am moving soon and I feel like the only way to tell him is in person. Sending him a simple text would almost be too heartless. And yes I know this is also an excuse for me to see him, but I want to see him one last time. I know we will never be together. I have bigger plans for my life and I want to live a certain lifestyle I know I could never have with him. My current boyfriend is not only perfect with me but hes also ambitious and so smart. Hes going places. Even so my past guy will forever be in my heart even if we have no future together. I want to say my goodbye and end it once and for all. When I move I am starting a new life and he cant be apart of it. Tomorrow we are suppose to meet. I am nervous.

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