The more I look around, the more I am finding out that all the personality traits I once saw in myself as original are actually just trends I must have picked up on subconsciously. That, sadly, growing up is just realizing you fit into a box, with many other people, and that in that box you are not original and there will always be someone better. I am just a dull black sharpie in a box of bright unused ones, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still have something yet to offer. I just hope I can think of it before I run out of ink. 

One thought on “One”

  1. Shake that sharpie, re-wet the tip and go again. Even as we get older we find there’s ways to renew our energies and revamp our thought processes. Yes, there could always be someone better. But you are you, cheesy as it sounds, and as the cliché saying goes, that will one day be good enough for you, and/or whomever you choose that also chooses you.

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