So basically my best friend is called Vicky. I met her around 2 years ago at college. We hit it off as soon as we met each other and since that day we have seen each other everyday for the past 2 years apart from holidays. Although we FaceTime whenever we aren’t together haha. 

Anyways, she is South African and she has been out there more than usually for the past two to three months. She is doing work experience with this charity that helps the children that are homeless. She has been given this three month internship that starts in September. This means she will be out there for that long and that is very upsetting. 

Vicky and I have planned our lives together. To the point where we found a lovely flat to move in together. However, because of her internship that changes everything. It changes when we move in and if we move it as her parents now want to move back to South Africa for good. This has been a really difficult time because I haven’t seen her in nearly a month so it is difficult to hear about this on the phone. 

I am scared that once she finishes her internship that they would want her to stay out there meaning she would need to move to South Africa for good. And plus her parents are really reluctant for her to stay in London because they don’t want to be there anymore. I know this may sound dramatic but I feel as if my life is falling apart. 

Meeting Vicky was the best day of my life because I knew I met a genuine friend who would be in my life forever. As people know they meet friends at school but they are not for life because of the dramas in high school. So I don’t know whether this means that our friendship is going to die out slowly or we argue and are friendship is over! 

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