Tuesday June 7

Ah today is another tough day.  Another melt-down kind of day but physically and emotionally.  Once again I had insomnia last night. It was well after 1:00 a.m. before I went to sleep. (sigh).  This morning I FINALLY drug my butt up around 7:40.  I kept hitting snooze for an  hour then took some excederin around 7:15.  Fortunately my guy handed me coffee on my way out the door.


Truthfully today is one of my worst achy days in history and I have been suffering from these symptoms over 20 years.  Maybe it’s age, fatigue, grief…who knows?  But there are more places hurting and the pain is more severe.

And my emotions?  Holy batshit Robin.  Last night my son posted a pic of he and his wife from 19 years ago, their prom pic…it brought me to tears.  Everything is making me cry it’s like my emotions are totally raw.  I cried all the way into work this morning.  So…when I got out of my car I put my sunglasses on to walk in.  I mean hey no makeup, runny, teary eyes on an old grandma, huh-uh.  Bright pink lipstick and shake it off time!

So here I am trying to shake it off.  I feel a little better.  Some guilt because my typing is not up to par.  Some annoyance because I’m not getting as much overtime today…I have to pick up some prescriptions at Wal-Mart.  But I will get an extra hour and a half!  Whoot-Whoot.

And so it goes.  The travails of a very ordinary granny!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday June 7”

  1. I don’t know why grief can just swell up out of nowhere like a tidal wave, drowning us in its wake. You were very brave to go in to work! I don’t go anywhere without my makeup. I will hardly even let my husband of 45 years see my face without makeup. That’s not why you were brave, you were brave just to go in, in so much pain. I hope your Rx will help with that when you get it. God bless you especially today and tonight, and give you good sleep.

  2. Thank you my dear friend. You are so understanding.

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