What goes up must be written down

“Friends, Romans, Countrymen….lend me your ears”. This is my first journal entry on my new online journal. Although it is going to be mostly used for my own ventilation; it can also be used for your amusement, bewilderment, or curiosity. I’m not putting my name on the journal because I don’t want it to come up under my name on google. I will also not be using people’s names in my life that I write about…instead I will use letters, nicknames, unique descriptions and such. Hopefully you’ll know if you’re in it 😉 However, I will share the link on twitter occasionally for any of you that are interested in the way my abstract mind works. I consider my twitter “friends” more “open minded” than my FaceBook friends and I don’t know why, but feel special. I’m a very open book and will be writing about a lot of personal things. I will share lots of things, maybe some things that perhaps you think I should not. But of course I won’t share EVERYTHING 🙂 I will have happy entries, thoughtful entries, sad entries, probably a few agitated entries, philosophical entries, and maybe a few random roller coaster entries…my mind is a mysterious vortex and you never know what’s whirling around inside there until you get sucked inside… so buckle up tight…”and I must pause ’til it come back to me.”



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