Tonight is open water swim. Supposed to be 20 mph winds and 58 degrees. Hmmm…..definitely not feeling it. Last week’s swim in calm waters was bad enough for me. I know it’s a matter of experience and conditioning – neither of which I have right now. Until last Wed, I had not put on my wetsuit in 2 years. I felt like it was choking me even though I weigh less than I did 2 years ago. It would be good for me to go tonight, but It just sounds miserable. We shall see how motivated I am this eve.  I ordered a new helmet, sunglasses and swim goggles. It was like Christmas yesterday! All good stuff.

I had a good discussion with S about ADHD. When I gave him his pill I asked him if he knew why he takes his it. He said he didn’t. I reminded him of our discussions about his “race car brain” and I said there is a name for that.  I told him and he was surprised. He said “I have ADHD?!?” and “you mean like Percy Jackson”? I said yes but Percy is a fictional character. I told him there a lot of real people with it.  Michael Phelps, Terry Bradshaw and a few others that he’s not really familiar with. The one celeb he knows is the singer Will.i.Am. I said there probably a lot of kids in his school who also have ADHD. He said he doesn’t think so, but I think it made him a little more comfortable anyway. Since I am taking him to a discussion tonight on ADHD I wanted him to know.  He’ll get to hear 2 older kids talk about how they manage their ADHD. He and I will be leaving the house at 5. It goes from 5:30 – 7:30.  Maybe I’ll take him to McD’s after as a treat.

Now that he knows about his diagnosis, S is saying things like “I’m different”. I tell him he’s not – he’s the same S he’s always been. I think he’s confused and worried. I know it’s natural, but that’s precisely the reason we didn’t tell him he is ADHD.  I don’t want him thinking he’s different. And we certainly don’t want him using it as an excuse for anything.

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  1. Just letting you know I’m reading. 🙂 I don’t know if it is easier or more difficult being an adult with ADHD, it certainly was never diagnosed in my era! Anyhow nobody figured out what was up with me until I was in my 40s. There is plenty that at times I wish were different but basically I cannot imagine thinking or being any other way! I’m quite happy being me. At my age, well even in my 40s I would have been afraid of meds since my brain has always worked this way…well anyhow hope all is going well with your son.

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