My husband and I went to the doctor today and he got a semi-good/bad report.  It was inconclusive.  Then my daughter called and wanted me to go to the Park with her and the boys.  Ron said, Yes, go.  But two blocks away from home I just felt like I shouldn’t leave him alone today after the doctor ordeal.  He gets lonesome for me. He is an only “child” and I am his anchor.  So I called my daughter and cancelled and she was NOT happy.  You know the little sigh:  “huh!”  The only giveaway.  Now I feel bad for NOT going.  I would’ve felt bad either way.  What a predicament.  I hate feeling torn like this.  Maybe I am a people -pleaser.  Maybe I just love my family a lot.  I don’t know.  Maybe I am just super wishy-washy.  I think that’s for sure.

2 thoughts on “Decisions”

  1. Oh my I hate to be in the middle like that esp. between two family members. Ugh. Well I see you got it resolved and are going to go to the park at some point (I need to read further) Honey you need at times to choose what YOU want to do, what is best for YOU. You can’t take care of the rest of them if you’re not taken care of! <3

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