first post AKA ~me talking about how anti-woman I was in the past~

This is my first post on here and frankly, it seems really cool. The whole set-up of the website seems pretty nice, and I’m excited to (hopefully) post here often. I really want to be able to improve my writing skills and eventually my whole ability to express myself. I guess maybe my first post should be about myself. 

I used to be reaaaaaaally into girl-hate and I had a lot of internalized misogyny. I’d always  describe myself as “unlike other girls” and I thought I was edgy for listening to rock and metal. I vocalized a lot of hate for girls and traditional femininity, and I am horrified by the amount of time I spent denouncing pop music, the color pink, skirts and dresses, and anything even remotely associated with women and girls. I gave into the ugly and disgusting pit of misogyny, and since then, I’ve realized how far it actually went. 

I’m still unlearning a lot of girl-hate and internalized misogyny today, a couple years later, but I like to think I’ve come far, and I have. I’m recognizing casual misogyny in television shows and in school and in my own house. You could argue that it’s a basic part of society, but I COMPLETELY disagree. Women aren’t inherently inferior, and suggesting that the idea of it is basic or innate is gross and wrong. 

Anyway, there’s THAT rant that puts me out as a man-hating sjw. Might as well get it over with early, huh? ;3

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