So, I got high today by sniffing sharpies. It was not fun. Honestly I did it just to know what it was like getting high. I now have a very big headache.

But overall today was shit. Last night I tried strangling myself to death because I hate myself so much. I was so close, I felt dizzy and everything was slowly getting darker by the second but I don’t know what happened. My hands loosened from around my neck and I just sat up gasping for air. I wish it worked because today all I wanted to do was drink bleach, and death was again on my mind like always.


2 thoughts on “High”

  1. Don’t do that to your body. Don’t hurt your body. You are precious in so many ways, every one is.

    You are strong person. How do I know? You have survived everything up until this point, And you will survive anything else life throws at you.

    I may not know your situation, or understand how you feel. But there are so many ways to deal with negative emotions, and this isn’t one of them.

  2. This honestly broke my heart and hit really close to home. My best friend has been hospitalized a lot and she’s really suicidal; she recently overdosed and took a whole bottle of benadryl when she was just 14 and spent 2 years in a mental hospital. I really hope you find some friends that will be there for you or anyone special in your life that will brighten your day and make you want to live and love yourself.

    xoxo, Celeste

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