If you were my best friend…

… Then we wouldn’t be friends. Because fuck that. You’re too damn needy and clingy. You need your own life. You’re living your life through the other girl and it’s not healthy. Everyone can see this but you. We’ve told you that you’re being used but you’re too blind to see it. You’re in love with her boyfriend, because he was the first guy to ever pay any bit of attention to you. Go find your own! He doesn’t want you!!! You were just a pawn to get to her. Their baby, is not your baby, so stop referring to it as yours. Very soon you’re going to be nothing but their babysitter. And we don’t want to hear one word about it. We’re surprised they even had a chance to make this baby, given how seldom you leave their side. Grow up and get your own life cuz we’re tired of all the drama that has absolutely nothing to do with you. 

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