Me me me

i really should be sleeping right now, but I’ve fallen in love with this online journal thing. With this being my 4th entry, I wanna talk a lil about myself. My name’s Becca, I’m in love with a guy named Jay, who doesn’t love me back, ha! I’m too old for this shit, mid 30’s and I have a kid in middle school. I work a dead end job, which doesn’t pay enough for all the bills. But it’s all good! I am currently on a journey to save my life aka get healthy.

Random facts–

1. I have red hair

2. I’m chunky

3. I’ve made my share of mistakes in life

4. I love to play gin rummy

5. Fave color is pink

6. I’d love to dye my hair pink but I’m scared to

7. I have no idea how to apply makeup, except for mascara

8. I love hot pockets 🙂

9. I believe in ghosts

10. I don’t have a best friend 

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