New Orleans

It’s no secret that I love magick, chaos, nature, skulls and skeletons, and pretty much all things creepy. The culture of the deep south, specifically New Orleans is always something that peaks my interest. 

So imagine my surprise when the 5 of us are trying to plan a vacation for the week around the 4th of July when we landed on good ol’ New Orleans as our top destination pick? I’m pumped, super psyched. We never ever get to go on an over night trip anywhere. We are the day trip family – always visiting a place within a days drive or less of home. The last big vacation we went on was to Disney World when Snoochie was in kindergarten and even that time, the man didn’t get to go (new job).

We have so many off the wall museums we want to go to (most having to do with obscure oddities and dead things). I can’t wait to take some serious pictures. The big willowy swamp trees take my breath away on tv –  now I get to see them up close and personal!

Only one little… okay it’s a huge problem. What the heck do I do with the cats while we are gone? Toothless needs regular supervision… what if she goes down hill while we are away? Not too mention they’ll need to be fed twice a day, given fresh water, and have their boxes cleaned out (I clean them daily since they are fussy about a dirty box). Toothless needs steroids twice a day, a dose of oil once a day, and she’ll need 1 patch change while we are gone. 

I’m really not comfortable hiring some one to care for my precious fur babies. I don’t want to involve any of my friends or coworkers for the job (what if something happens – that’d be twice as terrible). The Man thinks we should board them with the vet. It’s $8 a day per animal and Toothless would be in the hands of an expert.

I might be difficult… Is it worse for their fuzzy psyches to be boarded at the vet or having some one come to my house and care for them? It’s like a can’t win situation!!!

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  1. hmm…well sure if you can afford the boarding fee a great idea…and if you can’t board them all board toothless so she is in the hands of experts. I FREAKING LOVE the graphic at the top of this one, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

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