Sometimes dark sometimes light

Hi Diary

There are days when we lack motivation. That time all we like to do is disconnect ourselves from the world and be in our little space….may be our rooms and lock us up to avoid everyone and be with just one person i.e. ourselves. I am trying to be regular to loose weight but I get swayed quite easy. Today was one such day. I buried my feet deep in the ground to avoid Gym. But thanks to my equally stubborn mom and bro…yes they literally dragged me to the Gym today. On my way back home I told my twinky bro that I am happy I came but I hate you tons( he got a way with things…I think so). 

Then in the evening….my dad came home. I was feeling very low. Not because of my weight but because of academics. I am fine with studies but just that I am a bit worried of my future now. I got my semester result and batched the first position (yes I am happy about it but not content as it won’t land me in a decent job or college for higher studies). I am kinda worried regarding my future. I must clear an entrance exam for which I started preparing today itself. I panic easy on small things. So I was on my study table with books in my hand and mind all worried seeing the syllabus and everything thinking I have forgot all this and so need to start from the scratch. My dad was sitting on the couch nearby…half sleepy and then I asked him,


Suddenly answers, ” What ?…..and a second later – YOU ARE MY SUPER GIRL.”

He believes in me more that I do. Today when I told him my result, his answer was ,” I knew you will get this much” with a normal yet happy inside face.

He has a thing to keep me going. Right now if I am writing to you about an entrance I need to clear, you can relate how important it is for me. 

Being a girl( same goes for a boy too :p), I wanna get independent before I get into any kind of relationship and stuff. I wanna be capable enough to adore myself and be responsible enough to stand a healthy living. 

I am trying my best to change myself for the best. Hope I do it better each day. 🙂

Good Night.

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