9th June – Counselling day

The realisation that I am not “Superwoman” has hit me.  We all make choices in life but when those choices become to the detriment of your health and family you ultimately have to make choices you don’t want to make…Unless you are me!  I have found my self seeking ways to keep all key areas in my life at a sustainable happy level.  I love my husband, I love my children, I hate working for my husband (but it is a necessary evil) and am loving being at university and enhancing myself as a person whilst doing so.  Now this is no mean feat but with my strength of character is achievable.  The problems lies when other extenuating circumstances make the above impossible to do successfully.  With numerous family illnesses and financial problems in the past year I have decided to start praying!  If you knew me you would know that I am not an avid church goer but at this point I reckon there is no harm in trying (may I add I am not sure who I am praying to yet but surely someone will give me a break?).  I am also decided that Karma needs to start playing a key role in my life, I give and help out others on a regular basis so reckon that its now my turn for reciprocation?  Suppose I will have to wait and see…

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