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Evaluate yourself.

Its that time of year again. Time to re-evaluate myself and my goals to see how close I am to them and what I need to do to step it up. 

Fitness goals: 

Far behind than I use to be. Causes would most likely be school and work related. Extra stress from school is causing comfort eating. Not gaining weight. Not my issue. Dropping it like no other though. Fall schedule is set up to hopefully resolve that issue at least by 60%. Counting calories may be an option once again. Did very well when I was doing this. Eating at least 2500 calories/day to reach goal of 130lbs of fitness. New goal may be 125lbs for joints sake. Also, eating habits have gone to hell. I use to be able to cook. Not sure what happened. 


What the hell is happening this year!? I seem to have the spending bug. All the things I have deprived myself over the years in order to save…the urge to buy them is so much stronger. They are needs though. Like new scrubs so I feel comfortable in what I am wearing at work.  I tried a few new hair products that I probably could have done without. I was doing just fine before. Most of the spending is on junk food which is odd. I assume its from the “comforting eating” as mentioned above. MUST put a stop to this. Wallet, health and investments are suffering dearly. 


In a much better place than last year but defiantly could be better. Reaching fitness goals would help as well as keeping on top of school. 

Overall evaluation. Not looking so good. Lots of negatives. Hardly any positives if any. See you in another six months boss. 

3 thoughts on “Evaluate yourself.”

  1. What has really helped me with achieving my fitness goals and maintaining them is meal prep. Prepare you meals for work school and some healthly snacks it makes things much easier. Buy some good Tupperware find some recipes online it helps big time. Also it saves a ton of money. You should find a workout partner as well someone to motivate and push you through this rough time and you will be good to go 🙂

  2. @TxnmGuy,
    I’m getting better at meal prepping. I am in serious need of some good tupperware so I’ll check out reviews and see what most people say. Thanks for the advice. 🙂

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