I just need sleep…

I’m having a bit of a rough day. I’m exhausted from working long hours and not getting enough sleep, and on top of that, I missed three days of my medications – including my thyroid, progesterone, and antidepressants. Needless to say, it has had a major effect on my mental state. All of the laziness with my medication – it has definitely caught up with me. Between that and not making sleep a priority, I’m kind of a hot mess today. I started out okay, just tired. But around 1pm I started getting this sinking feeling in my stomach and my chest felt tight. I knew fairly quickly that it was anxiety. I tried to shake it. I asked Mikle to pray for me, and I posted in Spoonful of Sugar. I few a little bit better, but I’m back on my medication properly so I know the real issue is that I need to sleep. Sleep has a huge impact on my outlook and mental well being. I wish that I could take a nap right now, but I’m not off work until 6:30pm. I’m hoping that Lauren comes home early. I’m on edge about EVERYTHING. I’m scared to text people, I take things so personally. I wrote “you just need sleep” on my arm to help remind me that things aren’t as bad as they feel in this moment. Here’s to hoping that the rest of my day flies by and I get some great, much needed rest tonight.

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