Momma Bear’s Wedding

My mom has been my rock, she’s been a single parent for 17 years, she’s been both a mother and a father. She never wanted to get married… until recently. In April my Mom started talking to my uncle’s friend who had the biggest crush on her, they began dating and now have decided to get married. I’m all for her happiness, but tell you the truth their relationship is being rushed and I’m not a big fan of him. He wants to control my mother, and is a very jealous person (with me and my siblings) like wtf dude!! My mom will put us before anybody else let that fucking sink in dude. I have met this man only once, I didn’t even know it was him, it was my sisters birthday and I was greeting everyone shaking hands and saying “hi”, I shook his hand without looking… until I payed attention and realized it was him. The other day my mom wanted to have a girls day with me and my sister, she told him that we were going to go too the thrift store, he told her that he wanted to spend time with her and that we never want to hang out with her, for her to just go with him and have fun. I don’t like him so far, hopefully I change my mind or am proven wrong and just accept that my mom wants to get married. 

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  1. Yes, indeed; hopefully you’ll get to know him and he’ll turn out to be much nicer and more acceptable than he appears now. You are very sweet to want your mom to be happy, and to be willing to share her. She is lucky to have you.

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