No more school

Today was my last day of school! I am finally free. Only a couple more weeks until summer camp. Today, my 17 year old camp friend, Jenna, texted me if I wanted to go out to lunch with her next week. I was so happy, because we hand’t talked all year! She will be a counselor now, hopefully mine. I also received my exams back. I got an 81 on math. I wasn’t pleased at all with this grade, but it is better than a C. I also received awesome news that I had made it into double honors next year! This year, in seventh grade, I am in the double honors class, Algebra 1H. Next year, the double honors class is Algebra 2H. I was worried from my grades this year that I would move down a class, but I managed to get out with a B. In social studies, I got an 89. That is ok, because I only got points off of my paper. I have an A- yearly grade, though. In English, I got 96, Science 97, and Spanish 99. I am overall very happy. 

            Today my dad and I went to a high school to watch my sister’s dance rehearsal. Her recital is this weekend. Anyway, I used to be extreme best friends with this girl named Marion. She has a younger sister who is best friends with mine, and a way younger sister in 3rd grade. Marion is ignoring me, and I don’t know why. We used to have sleepovers all the time, since we are neighbors, but now only Anna and Peyton do. I cried twice because I looked at her and just really missed her. But after the way she is treating me, she doesn’t deserve a friend like me. I think my dad saw me crying, because he was like, “hey lil, let’s play a game or do something together.” and he rarely does that. But, I hung out with him and enjoyed it. Overall, today was a good day!


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