The man in the yellow suit

Time really does fly by pretty fast. Some days it’s hard for me to fathom that I am, in fact a grown up. Being less than 5 foot tall, with a youthful face, and all the energy my ADHD cranks out really REALLY makes it hard to accept that I am indeed a full blown adult. I am not alone in my feelings. The Man, who by all appearances, looks like a man also has trouble recognizing his adulthood.

It’s really not something I care too much about though. Only time it bugs me is when people assume that I am DeeDee’s sister. We look very similar, angled faces, narrow cat eyes, same expressions. Height wise she’s only a few centimeters taller than me.

Immature or not, I’m fairly content with myself. I’m easily assumed and although you may not realize it, that’s a life saving skill because boredom sucks. I like being a mom who can actually “play” with her kids. 

I’m rambling… short on ideas for an actual topic. Yesterday I took Bo-Bo and DeeDee for a quick trip to the store (we needed coffee). As we approached the stop sign on the end of my street I observed a man in a bright yellow, cheap polyester suit with a matching hat and everything. He was totally stopping traffic, trying to pass out some newsletter. I was annoyed. He was making traveling through the intersection even more dangerous than it normally is and really holding cars up. The car behind me actually pulled up on the wrong side of the island (in the wrong lane) just so he could proceed without having to deal with this guy. 

Man in the cheap suit turned out to be handing out flyers for his church. This is something that I really hate – churches that advertise, churches that recruit, churches that push themselves on you. It’s like that persistent guy who keeps asking you out no matter how many times you turn him down. Too me, it’s highly unattractive and unappealing. 

I also can not stand people who knock on my door wanting to talk about God and more importantly (to them) the their church. They think I’m not saved and I’ve booked myself a first class ticket to hell. I think they need to read that book of theirs a little bit more. They’ve missed the finer points.

How would they like if I knocked on the their doors, bible in hand, and wanted to point out all the inconstancies in that book, and ways that their church actually contradicts that book that is the foundation for their beliefs. I have faith. I have spirituality. I just don’t want the flock pushed on me. If I’m a wolf, it’s okay, I’ve made peace with it years ago.


2 thoughts on “The man in the yellow suit”

  1. You are a very spiritual and lovely person. We had some JW’s come by and try to disprove a cherished belief of ours. I did not appreciate it at all. That is not the kind of thing Jesus would condone for a minute. Not for one second.
    Being light and sharing light is the way to attract people to more light. I hope that makes sense. I’m pretty tired tonight. Blessings!

  2. It made perfect sense –
    One story from the bible that I really enjoyed was when Jesus went into the Temples in Jerusalem and had a fit because of it had been a business of sorts and Priests were competing for power. I think spirituality (for me anways) is better reached without all the flair. It applies to any faith. Jesus preached on hills without zazz and that to me makes perfect sense.

    I don’t mind other people’s view points – I just hate it when they’re pushed on me at inconvenient times like when I’m driving.

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