The Single Story

So recently I was watching this TED Talk in my writing class and it was called “The Dangers of  A Single Story.” It was amazing and you should definitely look it up if possible. Anyway, the women who was talking really opened my eyes to all the things we do without actually thinking about it. 

For Example: When you hear someone is from Africa what is the first thing that comes to mind? Honestly tho. How about from Iraq or France or London? 

Africa? AIDS. No money is available, and nobody is trying to help in any way. BUT GUESS WHAT?! This isn’t true in any way shape or form. 

Iraq: War 

France: Paris and Rich People

London: Writers and tea 

All these places have stereotypes on them because we have created them. We have told our children about these places like they were bad/good. Either way we are teaching the younger generation about the parts that are bad. 

What do we all have in common tho? 

We all go to school, drive cars, live in houses, date someone, get married, have children, etc… 

It all exists whether we think it does or not and we can’t see the good in people or places because we have this single story of those around us that aren’t in the US. 

Now I am rambling, but you get my point. 

We have put so much discrimination and have judged different places by the cover of their book that we can get past it. We cannot open the cover to read the first page. 

All we have to do is read the book and find out what it is actually about out there. Stop telling your children the bad things and tell them about the good things and show them pictures of people graduating, not people going to jail. Do not let them watch the bad things on the news, watch the good things. Tell them hero stories and adventure stories and show them that America is not the only amazing place out there. Make sure they know that everyone is the same no matter the cover of their book. The inside just tells a different story each time. 

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  1. Thank you for that reminder. I needed to hear that. I keep telling my brother I don’t want to travel overseas because of all the violence that is going on in other countries. He reminded me that that same problem is occurring in our cities right here at home.
    Sometimes we all need that reminder, thanks again.

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