I always have the strangest dreams.

I had another crazy dream yesterday that involved gigantic swimming pools, some military-sergeant like swimming trainer, and wooden cabinets. I can’t even remember what really happened in the dream, I just know it was really weird and kind of cold, and the light reflecting off the pool was greenish and pale.

But it’s not unusual for me to have bizarre dreams. I write down the better ones, the ones with kind of actual plots and some weird dialogue in them. Speaking of dialogue, I dream in both Mandarin Chinese and English–sometimes at the same time. Once during lunch, a friend tentatively asked me whether I think in Chinese or English, to which I had to reply both. Mom says that if you’re capable of dreaming in a language, it means you’re fluent in it. Which is good to know, because I have to be fluent in both if I want to be a translator.

Anyway. I have had dreams involving all of the following, some of them in the same “scene”:

Dan Howell, Harry Potter (well, Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter), Taylor Swift, my entire family, my classmates (all the way from elementary school), animated characters (from Toy Story, Disney films, etc), Tommy Lee Jones, Draco Malfoy and Voldemort and Nagini and Draco’s girlfriend Helena (who doesn’t exist, my brain just made her up), Beyonce and Destiny’s Child, demonic talking puppets, wolves, clown-faces, a group of K-pop stars, fish with three eyes (it was purple with a black tail and black fins, and in my dream, I caught it in the Xiang River that the city of Changsha is next to), a blind old woman with white eyes, an old man with a pot belly, a cane, and lamplights for eyes. Crazy things, huh?

Sometimes I have different dreams that involve the same basic things. I dream about driving a lot, even though I don’t have a license and I don’t plan on learning how to drive until I turn eighteen; I also dream about jumping out of windows. I’ve jumped from a twenty-five story window before–in the dream I had involving the group of Korean pop singers. And I’ve never once been hurt, just really exhilarated from the jump. I’ve dreamed of being in elevators–those dreams always make me nervous, and I think it’s because I have a little bit of claustrophobia and elevators make me nervous in the real world, too. I’ve dreamed of running, running with lead in my feet and a pressure on my chest. I’ve dreamed of losing my voice, of being unable to speak. I’ve dreamed of my sisters. I worry about them the most, so I’m always afraid for them in my dreams.

I’ve also dreamed about hugging other people. I have dreamed of hugging my sisters, my old friends, Dan Howell (which sounds creepy, I know, but it was in a dream so it’s not my fault), Severus Snape (which is even creepier because, come on) and countless other people. Somehow, the people I hug in my dreams become looming giants, so I’m always hugging their waists. Although I suppose if I really met Dan Howell and Phil Lester, they’d be so much taller than me that I would be hugging their waists, anyway… It’s always nice and warm in those dreams, and it sounds weird, but I like those dreams a lot, just as much as the dreams I have involving hugging fluffy animals (I’ve woken up from those dreams hugging my pillow, so, awkwarddddddd).

And then of course I’ve had horrendous dreams. Nightmares. Uncountable nightmares. Like the three-scene nightmare I had the other day when I was feeling dizzy and nauseous. Sometimes the scary things in my nightmares aren’t scary in real life at all, and I always wonder what makes me feel so upset in those dreams. I think it would be far more horrifying to find a spider in my bed than dream about going to a new city.

I have recorded like, thirty dreams with plots so far. I think I should write them here sometime. I keep saying I’m going to, but I never do…apart from that Dinosaur Dream I posted a while ago. Sometimes my dreams are so much more exciting than actual movies, I feel disappointed when I wake up before the “ending” happens. I’ve actually tried to fall back asleep so I could see what happens next, but it’s never worked. I also wish I could learn how to lucid-dream, so I could actually control what happens to me when the dream is getting unpleasant.

Anyway. That was just a long rambling about dreams. They’re fascinating, aren’t they? No one I’ve met before has been so invested with dreams as I have (but then again, I’ve never met anyone else so into a lot of things). Maybe it would be awesome to turn some of my dreams into stories, you know, because I seem to get pretty creative when I’m unconscious and horizontalized in bed.

So have a good Friday, and stay chill, and, remember your dreams! They might be your brain trying to tell you some profound and mysterious truth…

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