Recently, i listened to one of the teachings made by some renowned enlightened masters in which i have learnt many important lessons from his teaching. In his teaching, he taught listeners about how one can get rid of misconduct which we might have done in the past and how to avoid those things which are harmful to other beings in future. By listening to his talk, it has immensely help me to practice the right path to benefit myself and also to the entire sentient beings in and around the world.

It is fact we all know that all beings in this world are none other than our own parents but due to our own selfishness and ego we see our self and relatives as one being while we try to neglect others. Now question comes, why do we act such behavior instead of treating all being as our parents? It is very difficult to comprehend if somebody doesn’t follow the path taught by great masters. while at the same time it is very easy for some great being to think that every being is one. Why this different occur? Although we all are human being made of flesh and bond. Why….????? Why…? 

The answer would be just because of our own greediness, anger and hatred. If one has such qualities in his mind then one will never understand how beings are inter-related to one another. Rather, one will focus only to fulfill his desire. What Rinpoche taught is that we should never cling our mind to beautiful things nor to ugly things, neither to past nor to future, neither to happiness nor to sadness and neither to harshness nor to softness and etc. If we try to tame our mind to live at the present moment then that will overcome all the aforementioned obstacles. 

As we all know that good or bad it all due to projection of our own mind. so we should not cling to any thing. In order not to get attached to those things, one should do meditation. it is an ultimate path which will led us the enlightenment. and by practicing prayers and prostration it will cleanse our previous bad deeds. 

“Live simple with mind concentrating in helping other beings living in this and another world”

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