Mission 100

Hi diary,

I read somewhere that if we practice something for 1000 hours, we become a PRO in that very thing.

So , I thought of starting with 100 days initially. I had a talk with my gym trainer and he tells me that 300 calories a day or my body type will certainly not let me gain weight but for shedding some, I have to devote at least 2 hours in gym daily. So, from tomorrow on till next 100 days, I will be working on myself strictly as needed.

Also, I have made a schedule for my study hours to track myself career wise. I certainly need to work on my knowledge. 

A healthy diet , good workout and a good study time is all I care for the next 100 days starting tomorrow. I just wish I make it through all this. 

I am kinda worried knowing my past records of giving up…I just hope I survive this time.

Have a great night.

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