It’s late. Really late. I got home from work half an hour ago and all throughout the house every one is sleeping, except me… and Andy (a cat). Even Tyrion is curled up on my bed totally zonked out.

I got a raise at work today. Nothing special, but still it’s more money than I made before so I’m happy and grateful for that. And with said raise came that fantastic criticism sandwich bosses like to give so you know where you need to improve. If most bosses give a sandwich than mine gave me an Oreo. I mean that as a compliment to my boss and to myself. Really the only thing I need to work on is better communication when boss tries to call me in when I’m not working. If that’s the biggest area I need to improve on, well then, that’s just supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. 

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  1. A raise is something to celebrate, for sure!! Good for you!

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