Have you ever met someone and you just..clicked? Like something out of a tv drama, and instantly you know you’ll fit together like the pieces of a puzzle? All my life I’ve only been in relationships simply because I thought it’s what teenagers are supposed to do. I let people treat me however because it was better than being alone. I didn’t really like them at all. I either did it for the company, or the drugs.


I wouldn’t say i’m UGLY, but I’m no Selena Gomez. I’m not hot. I’m cute..I guess? There’s this guy. I’ve been talking to him a little. But now school’s out, and I have his twitter/insta/fb, but I feel weird pursueing it. I never like to look like I’m trying. 

But I’ve never felt this way before about anybody. He’s special. And, GOD, I sound like a lovesick teenager. I mean that, I see myself in him. When he told me that the same thing happened to him (his parents found his painkillers), it was just so amazing. How often do you find someone that understands you completely? 

We both hang around the same type of people, but have a hint of being bad in both of us. The way we act is so similar. He’s moved schools a lot, just like me. Were just in tune with one another. I’m not ready to let that go….

I’ve never cared about another human being SO much. I can’t even explain it. When he smiles at me, when I hear his voice I just want to hold onto those memories. And I kind of feel like he was meant to walk into my life. Not destiny or anything, but maybe just the universe saying, “hey, i don’t COMPLETELY hate you.”



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