Today was an absolute SHITSHOW. I was high on Vicodin painkillers at my sister’s graduation. Ugh, I’m such a fucking shitshow. I didn’t plan on it but then i got yelled at for the billionth time and the words just sunk in deeper and deeper. So I figured, why not live up to that expectation?

The best part was that I was sitting right next to my mom, and she didn’t even NOTICE! As long as theres no smell, she’s always oblivious. At one point she asked me to go to the bathroom with her, but I was so high that I could barely walk. I was buzzing real hard and as I went up the stairs i nearly tripped. I made it, thankfully though. I didn’t even pay attention to what was going on at the ceremony, as usual.

I even popped the pills in front of my family and they gave no fucks. I felt like I was flying on heaven but eventually fell back down to hell. It ended and I came down after 4 hours. Maybe it was because I was hungry, maybe it was the comedown, but I was REALLY MAD. I was irritated because the people I call my family wanted to take pictures and I’m not into pretending.

Even when there are major fights and shit they tell me not to tell my friends at school or even my relatives, because they don’t want to look like the monsters they know they are. I said no, but my mom and dad both kept urging me, even though my older sister understood. 

On the way home, my sister (younger) was talking about this girl who was graduating and was DRUNK. She kept saying how disrespectful that is, and how she was a mess. And my dad joined in and made some comment how she drinks cause she’s so lonely. 

I think my parents want to know the truth, but they CAN’T HANDLE IT. Could YOU handle your 17 year old daughter being a drug-using klepto? No? DIDN’T THINK SO. They just want to believe I’m this upstanding citizen who’s capable of great things. HA! That’s a real laugh….

But if this (of age) girl is such a mess…are we really THAT different? 



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