Apartment Found

First off, a happy Happy Birthday to Dan Howell! My sister turned twenty-one a few days ago and now he’s turning twenty-five! So amazing. I can’t use Tumblr or any other social media site to wish him a happy birthday (not that birthday wishes from fans matter when he has millions of them) but like, still. I remember seeing a Winnie-the-Pooh-themed birthday card on Tumblr a year ago and it was the most adorable thing. Anyway, thank you Dan (and Phil, of course) for making all those videos and sharing your life (lives) with us, because you always manage to make me feel better about everything, even about the messy stuff involving my new school and new apartment…

Which, speaking of, we’ve already found.

My father got an old friend of his to help us find an affordable two-bedroom apartment in College Station. He knows the dude from Qingdao, which is where they both studied for a while…anyway, the apartment’s been located and it’s near a nice, relatively large high school, which is good because if it was small I would have a terrible time finding anyone to talk to, as the stakes are already against me. I’m too awkward to talk to people, so, it’ll be easier to find someone else like me in a big school.

I don’t know what the apartment looks like or how near it is to the school, but I suppose it doesn’t matter. Two more months and I’ll be there to know. I’ll be there to know exactly how hot Texas gets in the summer, I’ll be there to know what it feels like to again speak to people whose first language is English, I’ll be there to know just how different my life will be after I return to the US after seven years.

Which makes me feel appropriately excited and anxious. I have this tendency to not be able to stop worrying about something once I start, so, I’m not letting myself think about what could possibly go wrong in Texas. I mean, I’m just going to live life as it happens–I’m not going to stress myself out about something that will happen in two months, like come on, I could write a ton of stuff in two months. I never finish anything I write, but, still.

Anyway. It’s too muggy and humid here, which is another reason I’m glad to be leaving this place (I guess I never really said any other reasons why I’m glad to be leaving this place, huh?) and I hope Texas will be less wet and humid, if not less hot. Plus it’s raining a lot now, and I hate it when it rains because it gets so dark and I can’t read by natural light, which makes me feel even more nearsighted.

I’m rereading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time online, and I love it. It’s sweet, but kind of sad, and just really interesting. Also, The Little Prince. I wish I knew how to read French so I could read the original French version, but, eh. Pablo Neruda’s poems are supposed to be more beautiful in Spanish than they are in English, but I don’t know Spanish either, so all I can do is read the English ones and hope they’re translated correctly.


So all of you have a good Saturday/weekend, and stay chill.

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