Day 105

 Friday, June 10th 2016

Forgot once again to write this entry after school! Luckily I remembeted before 12 pm, but I’ll make this one quick, cause I really wanna sleep.

So today I had my English presentation. I stayed up late after having to download an encoder to upload to YouTube, only to have my video not work nas having to record my already recorded video with fraps. It was annoying, but the final product was still good. It was funny though, because my teammate didn’t bother with the website while doing the narration, so she just said “” in the video. It made the class laugh and the teacher as well.

I also started learning Japanese with an app called Memrise. It’s mostly for conversational purposes and not writing or reading, but that’s fine for now. I know a couple of words like kudasai (please give me) and sayounara (goodbye). The rest like arigatou gozaimasu and konnichiwa I already knew.

I didn’t go to Youth tonight cause I’m way too tired.

That’s all for today.

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