3 thoughts on “I am excited to hear what you think!”

  1. P,S, To order the book, just go to Amazon.com and type in “books” — then type in The Beautiful Truth by Lynn Roberson. It’s available on Kindle too. Thank you!

  2. Hearts-ease for a Viola…never heard of that before. It is indeed a lovely name and a lovely flower. (see I’m still reading) 🙂

  3. I hope this bumps this entry to top…anyhow. For everyone…Grace’s book is awesome! I enjoyed it so much. It is a very personal book one can tell she has really put her heart into this. So many things I enjoyed, getting to know her better through the book, the dreams she shares and how she ties all of it into scripture. I would very much recommend this as inspirational reading! Five stars my friend!

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