I hate myself

When each day passes by, I can’t help but feel more and more empty and alone. 

When each day passes by, all I can do is hate myself even more. 

I hate every single detail about me and no matter how many times she tells me I’m beautiful and perfect, there will never be a day where I’ll believe it. 

I hate myself from head to toe, top to bottom. Every single little detail. 

I hate my nose, it’s too wide. I hate my eyes, they’re too big. I hate my hair, it’s so straight. I hate my lips, they’re always dry and gross. I hate my hands, they’re too wrinkly. I hate my stomach, it’s too fat. I hate my arms, they’re too hairy. I hate my thighs, they’re covered in scars. I hate my legs, every time I shave, the hair grows back too quickly. I hate my existence. 


I want to die. 



2 thoughts on “I hate myself”

  1. Dear girls, you keep on living to be obedient to God who created you and has a plan for your life. He LOVES you both—so much! You have a reason to live for—-Him. There will come a time when your life is over but not now. Make changes that you need to make. No more self-harm. Jesus will make your life better when you realize how very MUCH He loves you and cares for you. I have been where you are, btw. I didn’t want to live when I was younger. But I prayed and told God I was sorry for wishing for something so different from His will. And the desire left me that very night. I have enjoyed life ever since, even with all its ups and downs. Please believe me—-I promise. You are dearly loved and your life has a purpose. Ask Him to show it to you. Sometimes just staying alive is enough, if that’s all you can muster, that’s good enough. It takes being brave to stay in this world and try to help others along too. I wish you the very best.

  2. Reading this makes me think of my self but @saved by Grace is right . The best thing you can do is to let God take over when you have no more strength, let him fight for you , whenever you feel overwhelmed reach out out to God in prayer . He has all the time in the world to listen to you and will never judge you but only love you more and help you. Be kinder to yourself I’m learning that myself .

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