I am so tired.  I’ve been having to get up early for work and today I went to a MADD class which was another requirement I had to do for court.  It’s actually kind of funny because I met someone there.  I’m not usually a talkative person and try to avoid people at all costs but I started talking to this guy and we just joked around the whole time.  It definitely helped it go by faster.  I mean this whole thing can’t be all doom and gloom.  It felt natural and comfortable with him like I’d known him for a long time.  I’m not interested in him or anything and the fact that I have a boyfriend has been established; we just connected on a personal level since we’re both in the same situation.  We actually might hang out tonight but I am so tired I don’t know if that’s going to happen.  Plus tomorrow I’m going to hang out with Gregory.  At first the plan was to grab dinner and watch The Conjuring 2 on Sunday night in which I was a little nervous about since I was scheduled to work at 6am on Monday.  Then he surprised me by telling me he had tickets to a hockey game and that we’d meet up way earlier on Sunday than I had expected so maybe we’ll fit in all 3 things?  Anyways, I decided there is NO way in hell I’m going to make it in on work Monday and then having to go to class later that night.  So luckily I was able to find someone to cover my shift.  I’m excited to see Gregory again, he’s always so much fun to hangout with and we always do different and exciting things each time.  I’m not that into hockey but it’s not bad watching it in person and it’s something different.  I’m just tired of my old routine.  Even though things aren’t exactly great overall right now, I want to be able to squeeze in some fun things every now and then.

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