What a miserable past 3 days

On Thursday my dad passed away and the next morning my mommy passed and damn am I EVER confused. I went to sleep lastnight not even thinking to go to the restroom and did I EVER awaken to a really nasty mess. My bladder and bowels emptied into underwear and all over my sheets. I was upset at first and then I remembered I drank two glasses of prune juice. The same thing happened when I was in hospital after I broke my right leg after they gave me a really powerful stool softener to keep me from getting constipated from the pain medication they gave me, oh well, I’ve gotten used to it I guess because a shower will wash it off until next time, most likely tonight or in the morning.Till my next log, see ya.

One thought on “What a miserable past 3 days”

  1. Way to go thrimpoop.Keep it up on pooping in your underwear. OH YEAH!

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