Afternoon/ evening

Gave up on summoning ghosts, too dangerous and complicated. I’m going to try EVP instead. I’ve done one recording so far, and caught nothing, but I’m going to try again tonight in my closet. 

I pretty much live in my head and in books, the real world is angry and boring and I don’t like it. I want to run, to fly, to go up up up and never come back down. 

The voice in my head acts like I ask for their opinion, I don’t, they can shut up. 

2 thoughts on “Afternoon/ evening”

  1. ^ I read Jerseyguy77 journal. He’s right. You are in a sense playing with fire… invisible fire…

  2. I read jerseys journal, it’s what inspired me to try EVP in the first place. I’m not going to ignore his journal though, I’ll stop if I hear anything malevolent.

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