Another cat entry

We’re half way into June and Toothless is still alive and with us. It’s really unsettling knowing that her imminent death is approaching. Makes me wish I never saw those terrible x rays.

We are having a not so good week. There was the episode where she vomited blood a week or so ago. The Vet said it sounded it was most likely from the steroids. I could have opted for some expensive tests to be run… but I’m saving that money for her cremation and the palliative care she is currently receiving. What’s the point? I know she’s not healthy. I know she’s going downhill. If her quality of live isn’t good, she will be given mercy. That’s the best I can do.

The steroids also caused her nails to grow at a really rapid rate. One of the claws on her front paw now is actually curled backwards and is imbedded in her skin. How the heck this happened is beyond me. I took her to the vet on Friday, but they were so insanely busy after 3 hours in the waiting room I had to reschedule for Monday. So no patch change and a crazy claw issue that I’m too scared to attempt to cut it myself. It really needs a vet’s attention. I think the claws grew faster than normal and I think since she isn’t feeling well she hasn’t been using the scratching post. From now on I’ll be clipping her nails WEEKLY.

I feel absolutely terrible about this. I feel like I failed her. She should every comfort possible. Now her front paws is bothering her and she’s walking even worse than normal. I can’t wait til tomorrow so she can see her doctor.

Other than that she’s been wandering a bit more. Sometimes I’ll spot her in the kitten’s cage all cozy on the fleece blankets. I like it when she’s feeling social enough to come into my room. Guess that’s all for now. I have to remind myself with a cancer diagnosis there will be bad days.

2 thoughts on “Another cat entry”

  1. I’m so sorry, I know this must be stressful for you. I have a cat named Sherlock and I know how upset I would be if he was in a situation like that. I wish I could help you and Toothless, no one should have to see their pet suffer.

  2. I have been wondering about Toothless, but was hesitant to ask. Sometimes love is awful, isn’t it? I mean, it hurts so much when someone you love is suffering. But Toothless is enveloped in your love and knows it. Truly. You are giving her supremely good care. I can’t believe 3 hours waiting in a vet office. How patient you must be. I know it is only because you love him so much. God bless Toothless and you.

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