Entry #2

Dear Journal,

Today was a bit cruddy. My dad and his girlfriend got in an argument and i cant help but feel its my fault. My little brother also had to go home a bit earlier than usual, so i didnt even get to say bye. Today was another one of those days too where i didnt want to do anything cuz i didnt really feel up to it. And like usual, my dad accused me of being lazy. I dont blame him tho, i was always lazy as a child, but maybe i am just lazy. Me and my significant other had a good talk today. And chatted most of the day. I felt moderate today ig. Had a little moment of sadness for myself, but merh, better than usual (: nothing else to report basically. Now ima sleep with my baby puppy, her name is Pebbles <3



One thought on “Entry #2”

  1. Hi Kayden Id like to read your story you seem like a wonderful person

    Hope you gave a good day

    Awww you have a puppy≧∇≦
    -your boyfriend

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