Lately, i am feeling sad whenever i saw pictures of my friends baby and children posted on facebook.

It has making me feel incomplete, frustrated, hopeless.

Too many questions started to pop up in my mind.. too many sad emotions.. to may frustrations..

What have i done wrong in my past? am i not worthy to receive the blessing of having our own children? Am i not worthy to have a normal family? Is the Lord punishing me? Big WHYs..

We are now almost 3 years married, going thry the kidney failure journey.. and does not have a baby.. still in the compound of his family.. while having a separated mother and father.. my father being in his difficult days (jailed in jeddah because of comporting filipinos with no iqama).. what unfortunate things, else do the Lord will allow in our life…

Yes i am stll thankful for blessing me a fortune, knowledge and stable work.. but the feeling is still incomplete.. sorry Lord, forgive me. Give me strenght.. give me hope.. bless our family..

It’s just that, the overall situation is draining me…

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