Life is a fickle thing…

Laying here in my bed, questioning the ironies in life. Life throws many obstacles down your path, and it is our duty to try and overcome them because that is what makes life what it is. When you are unable to overcome it, then you try to learn from the mistakes you have made. The problem with that is, what if it is too late to fix your mistakes? What if you just can’t do anything to stop the inevitable from happening? Do you just have to end up swallowing your pride, keeping a steady head and heart, and watch it all unravel before you?

These are the thoughts that are running around in my head as I think back on all of my years of school. I have worked for over three years as a Bio major to try and get into UCSC, the school I have been dreaming to belong in since I was in high school. Now it is within my reach, but I may have lost that chance forever because I may or may not have failed the last biology class I have to take as an undergraduate. I know I have tried my best and have done everything in my power to get to the place I want to be in. I know that this is a very ironic thing that can ever happen to me, but I just can’t find myself to accept this. I want to keep on fighting to get into that school, but I just don’t even know who or what I am supposed to fight anymore.

Life is all about taking risks and fighting with the determination and willpower you need to succeed. Even with all these failures in my life, I still force myself back up and try again for a better outcome. However, if I were to fail that class, there might not be another outcome because I may have lost that chance completely. I want to keep on fighting. I am still burning with my determination to fight and fight and fight some more. I am not the type of person to give up on my dreams, but what do you do when life throws you into this kind of state? Where you are in a situation that forces you to fight out blindly and cruelly laughs at you while you struggle to succeed?

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