My love sally

I’m in love with the best woman on earth
She always knows how to make me smile laugh or even feel good at all if i had a bad day
She the only girl I’d trust laying next to me at night
She’s the only one who runs through my thoughts at night and she means every thing to me, i don’t deserve her but i thank God every night before bed that i touched her heart more than any other guy.
Thank you for being my love and putting up with my annoying ass
I love you sally
Yours truly-Jack

One thought on “My love sally”

  1. Awww- okay this is the sweetest thing to wake up to. God- I love you. I’m so blessed to have you in my life…I’m so blessed to have you as my other half. You’re amazing, dork. I love you xoxo
    -Sally x

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